Aerannis is about an assassin in Bulgaria in the distant future.

More info on its own site


MacroDepression is a game about a terrible place to be.


PapsiManlet is a vaporwave nightmare.

Panic Circle is a game about a spinning circle that never dies and an arrow with an unquenchable desire to penetrate it. More info on its own page

Subbania is finally ready. It took an overdrawn two years to complete, but it can finally be said that it's done. Hopefully it'll inspire many more HTML5 games, and I hope just a few more will be completed by me. See my blog for more info.

  • Online playable version here (give it a minute to load)

  • Downloadable version here. If the game is slow or flickers, this is better.

  • Get it through the Chrome Store (recommended)

  • NOTE: Recent versions of Firefox may yield weird issues, but it should run perfectly on Chrome.