June 2020


It is a Herculean task to know every intrinsic detail about the Vegas casinos, but what happens in Sin City stays in The Lady. The mainstream notion paints casinos with all the glitz and glamour, the fancy of being a millionaire, and a lively noise that keeps it alive.

However, what goes behind the scenes is often left mystified to the gaze of the gambler. The galvanized security, secret passages, and how drinks are served at the bar – bemuses the gambler. Let us now unravel this veil of enigma surrounding the Vegas casinos.

The Casino Staff is Closely Watched

The casino staff is under constant vigilance to bestow in gamblers a breathtaking experience. This means they ought to be amicable to the grump and even cater without complaint to the outlandish room service request.

Ultimately the cherry on the cake is the security examining their own staff than the gamblers, maybe because the second colossal casino heist in history was implemented by the fierce intellect of an employee.

Since the employees know the ins and outs of the casino from when the banks are turned over to when the shift alters, this showers an added advantage. Therefore, they are checked when they arrive, and when they leave the casino.

Hidden Casino Doors

Casinos have innumerable secret doors. There was a bizarre rumour that surrounded these mystic doors that they were deployed to hide people with compulsive gamblers. But that is not the purpose of these hidden doors.

These doors facilitate the swift movement of casino securities to get to places in case of an emergency. It also transports other staff a quick stroll to the bar, restaurant, and even cashier’s cage.

This is a common technique employed by businesses that focus on an in-person experience like malls, convention centres, amusement parks, hotels, and music venues.

Hidden Casino Doors

Vegas Disapproves Drunk and Disorderly.

You might wonder that the prime reason people are arrested at casinos has something to do with swindling. But that is not the case. Casino staff will involve the police if you cannot be handled by their trained staff.

Maybe the reason might be you were too drunk, but if you want to enjoy being there, you need to perfect the art of being a well-mannered drunk like a pro; you do not have the luxury to be an amateur.

Be wary of the casino etiquette because most people are arrested at casinos for being overtly intoxicated, soliciting prostitution, and domestic violence. So be cautious and remember that rules at home are to be followed at Vegas casinos.

That’s Enormous Food

The Aria has nearly 90 truckloads of food delivered every other day, with a separate room dedicated to lobsters. This is just one casino among the dozens at Vegas.

The Bellagio holds a pump room that pumps hard liquor across 50 bars throughout their property. They also serve 9000 bottles of beer in one day using the pump room. Therefore, the foodservice team put in tremendous efforts to endow its customers a splendid experience.