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Betting on sports is very similar to gambling at the casinos. It involves the same risks and vulnerabilities as playing any casino game. You need to be able to take your chances ad navigate these risks if you are to ace the domain. And though, you might think that betting completely depends on your luck, this is not always the case. There are always several hacks and calculations that you can use in order to enhance your chances. Having said that, we shall look into the tricks and hacks that can tweak your chances of winning at betting on any sport. Read through the article to understand each of these measures in more details.

Understand the Basics of Sports Betting:

You cannot hope to ace any field without understanding the basics. Learn all that you can about betting on sports and only then proceed. There are several useful resources available on the internet that can help you in this direction. You only need to dig around and do your research. There are several things that you must learn when it comes to betting. Learn about money lines, payouts, odds and the other factors before placing your bet.

Sports Betting

Understand the Risks and Navigate the Space Slowly:

The industry of betting is not shutting down anytime soon, and therefore, there is no need to rush. Learn all that you can, understand the risks associated with this domain and only then place your bets. Once you get the hang of betting, you shall be able to take more risks and ace the field. There is no finishing line here, and you must take your time to understand everything associated with betting before placing the bets.

Do Not Listen to Everything People Have to Say:

You might want to learn from the best and use the knowledge to your advantage. But that is not all that there is to betting. You must understand that not everything people say is for your good. Some might even want to mislead you. Try to differentiate between the two and do not take in all the pieces of advice that come your way. You might end up losing a significant number of bets that way. Use your own judgment and make educated decisions based on your knowledge. This space is impregnated with frauds and people who want to scam you. Be careful about this aspect before you start listening to everybody.



It is very important that people who are starting new in the domain if betting keep these aforementioned points at the back of their minds. You will have enough time to place large bets and take up risks. However, if you dawdle at the very beginning, there might not be more chances to recover. Therefore, be careful, stay enlightened and only then place your bets.

Electronic sports, popularly termed as Esports, is a thriving industry that encircles multiplayer video games and simulated sports tournaments. The genesis of esports is traced back to South Korea.

The claws of popularity widened with the escalated unemployment rates in 2000, accompanied by the Asian financial crisis. With a multitude of people confined to the walls of their home, video games soon transcended to the status of elixir – a captivating leisure activity to indulge in.


A Peek into History

The year 2010 had witnessed a significant resurgence of this industry with a global embracing facilitated by South Korea. The other significant reasons for this worldwide welcoming was the magnified console sales and the upgraded technology.

This phenomenon engendered worldwide tournaments like Intel Extreme Masters, World Cyber Games, and Major League Gaming. Concurrently, streaming platforms such as Twitch and Steam TV understand the potential it holds to initiate their lucrative business by monetising these tournaments.

A single day of broadcasting The International by Twitch bore testament to 4.5 million viewers. Now this prosperous industry has been espoused by behemoths like ABN, ESPN, and Disney.

The Multi-billion-dollar Industry

Now, the US holds the envied position of being the unrivalled market in the esports industry, with a myriad of tournaments being held. This year has observed the industry at its zenith being valued at $30 billion. This marks the incredible opportunity for the gambler to flutter real money on esports tournaments and events.

With the advent of sportsbooks conferring the charm of esports betting now, bettors can place wagers on every single nitty-gritty from the first goalscorer, future teams to win, and even straight-up bets on individual players.

Popular Esports Games

Be prudent and select the game is your choice, after which you have to indulge in comprehensive research learning the ins and outs before you place real money because this should be a cure and not a cut to your wallet.

Popular Esports Games


A game that has won several accolades developed by EA DICE. This game entails a first-person shooter with its 5th series to be released this year. This engaging gameplay features huge maps, teamwork, and vehicle warfare.

This game has captivated 55 million players since its dawning in 2002; over 141 worldwide tournaments were held solely in 2017, with winnings reaching a massive $230k.


This is a multiplayer game based on survival tactics. This game encapsulates a journey where players must gather weapons and frequently navigate the safe zones on the map while butchering their enemies.

The third most popular game on Twitch with an alluring betting prospect for players with contestants competing for a colossal prize pool of $350,000.



An impressive game that is popular among both gamers and gamblers. This is a first-person shooter game that entails swift and intense thinking, and to master it, you need a fortified game plan.

You have four betting options, including handicaps, outright winners, match winners, and special markets.

There are zillions of people across the globe who love to luxuriate in the grandeur of gambling. However, in the long run, it involves you splurging your money. Some people are fortunate to relish that amorous kiss of Lady Luck and hit those progressive jackpots.

At the same time, many others venture into gaining a definitive advantage over the casino with prowess. So, let us explore this article to unfold the truths about the value of gambling.

The Concept of Negative Expectation

There are no exceptions when it comes to this list; every bet on each diverse casino game is merely a negative expectation bet. This is a mathematical expression, and it classifies a positive expectation bet as one that can accord money; in comparison, a negative expectation bet lets you forfeit your money.

A bet’s expectation is inclusive of how much you expect to win and the probability of winning, and also entails your likelihood of losing. You will go through mixed emotions of emerging triumphant and as a looser. However, there are more chances for you to lose in the long run unless you are a veteran.


The Reality of House Edge

The concept of house edge is employed by casinos to measure the expectation of losing a bet, which is expressed in terms of percentage. You will notice a wild deviation from the expectation if you examine an individual bet.

This is termed as the caressing of Lady Luck, while mathematicians’ term it as standard deviation. The casino remains indifferent and stands for a mathematical phenomenon called the Law of Large Numbers.

This simply means that your ultimate results will resemble the mathematically expected outcome as you indulge in more trails. However, the house edge is not a myth but a reality in casinos.

Smart Casino Gamblers Consider the Entertainment Value

The crucial element in gambling is the notion that gambling is fun and frolic and, therefore, should be considered as a recreational activity. Once you begin to change your perception of the idea of pampering yourself with all the entertainment, this exploit becomes a memorable one.

However, be wary that you might encounter results that did not fit your mathematical expectation. But that’s how casinos work. This is the reason why 20% of gamblers stroll out of the casino with heads held high and winnings in their pocket. Because why not lavish them as 80% of your customers leave the casino having splurged their bankroll.

Ultimately, the beers and skittles furnished by a casino are worth luxuriating while you keep in mind your chances of losing. This mathematical expected cost should not deter you from the glitz and glamour of the casino – an authentic, riveting experience.

The esports betting industry cannot be restricted to the esports world but holds crucial significance in the online gambling arena – unfurling its influence on these two spheres. This burgeoning industry is soaring with its augmented viewership and investment – magnifying to a colossal height during the pandemic crisis.

However, this competitive industry has given birth to manifold sites, some of which are bogus. Therefore, it is vital to select a bookie that can be trusted; otherwise, you might encounter these scams that take enormous cuts on odds and lack good customer services.

So, if you want to enthral in a smashing experience, do not embark on your exploit blindly; instead, select the finest and illustrious bookies.

esports betting

Ease of Use

For all the novices, the crucial element that surfaces is the convenience provided by the site. This is a significant facet in capturing the newbies because what they pursue is the agility with the ease of use segment.

The ease of use simply means polish, swiftness, and intuitiveness that confer players hassle-free and effortless navigation.

Quantity of Esports Markets

The contemporary upswing with esports does not limit the market to a homogenised group like LoL, CS: GO, and Dota 2 as the only bets. The magic bullet to conquer the esports gambling sector is by having a plethora of esports markets inclusive of even the less popular bets like Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. But that does not give you the leverage to compromise on the depth that ought to present for esports betting.

Esports Markets

A Multitude of Additional Betting Options

In addition to the proliferation of global esports markets, the finest among them possess the added quality of providing a wide assortment to choose from. These options are to be witnessed in the additional betting options combined with the habitual match-winners and money lines that comprise special and live bets. Because, why not, the more, the merrier.

Quantity of Payment Methods

During the advent of online wagering, the payment methods were distant from success; instead, they were a monstrous nuisance. However, this pertinent issue has been tackled with the snowballing of upgraded technology and bestow on players’ multifarious payment methods to select from.

But those that lavish the advanced niche of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are still a handful. This is a concern because what people crave for is diversity.

Customer Support Service

Having a fortified customer support service can build bookies. This is because bettors yearn for long-term stability and a helping hand to resolve their problems, especially if you want to lure those novices.

Therefore, customer support staff and customer support channels are prerequisites and should not be overlooked if you go by the motto ‘customer is king.’

Gaming is not just a form of entertainment. It is also an industry with significant turnover every year. It draws the attention of the young and the old alike, and keeps coming up with fresh concepts every year. And that is why the industry always manages to grab eyeballs and a huge influx of traffic to itself. Speaking of the series of development that the industry keeps going through, here are a few trends that we have enlisted, that we thought might do you good to learn about.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Is Still In Vogue:

A classic example of Augmented Reality in gaming is that of Pokemon Go. Remember how crazy people went over the game? Augmented Reality still seems to ride high in the trends this year as more and more game developing companies are coming up with better practices to enhance this experience. For the uninitiated, Augmented Reality is the process of augmenting a real-world ambience and infusing it with all the elements of a particular game. This way, gamers feel like they are living inside the game.

Virtual Reality, on the other hand, is the process of simulating a gaming floor and enhancing the experience of the gamers. In both cases, gamers get to enjoy gaming on another level. These trends have been in the corner for some time now, and still continue to be much sought-for trend this year too.

Virtual Reality

Cloud Gaming Is Popular this Year:

Cloud gaming is quite popular this year for more than just one reason. One of the most important reasons for cloud gaming to be a trend to watch out for is because one does not need to download the games and use up space. The games can be played on the server itself. Plus, cloud gaming shall also keep the levels of the game saved so that you do not have to start from the beginning if you leave the game somewhere in between.

Console Gaming is Making a Return:

The last trend that we need to talk about is that of console gaming. Console gaming is all set to make a comeback. Developers are coming back with remastered games that can be played on the consoles and make one reminiscent of their childhood. This is a great thing to look forward to, especially if you are a gamer who is always on the lookout for new games and old games that have been remastered.

The gaming industry always has a great deal to offer- whether it is in terms of technology or refreshing ideas. And that is why the industry always rides high on success and glory even in times when the other industries struggle to survive.