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Subbania is complete – Two years of work for one HTML5 game

**UPDATE: The below online versions are out of date. Either get the Chrome Web Store version, or play it here. Get it from the Chrome Web Store: Click here +Play online now (works best on Chrome) +Here’s a downloadable version. … Continue reading

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Why developing an HTML5 game is too damn risky

I’ll preface this by saying that yes, I’m running Google Chrome Beta as my main browser, and yes, some bugs are to be expected from running a beta browser. That’s besides the point. So what am I complaining about? Any … Continue reading

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Managing sounds in HTML5 games and playing multiple instances of a sound in javascript

One thing I had trouble with in my development of a game for HTML5’s canvas was playing multiple instances of a sound. When I tried googling for answers, I pretty much just got results from people saying “just embed an … Continue reading

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