First game-related blog post

Things I’ve added in the past month:

  1. Loads of new enemies (With actual animation!)
  2. A “loose” camera system that doesn’t make movement feel choppy (i.e., the sub isn’t always in the exact center now)
  3. Vector-based lighting instead of tile-based (see screenshot). It looks smoother, but I’m still considering removing lighting altogether
  4. Up to about 40 areas designed. Each area is about the size of a mid-to-large Super Metroid room.
  5. Moved dialogue boxes to the bottom; they no longer cover up the status bar
  6. Special effect blocks, like lava, have been added
  7. New decorative items
  8. More dialogue/plot
  9. More sound effects
  10. First actual song for the game now exists

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3 Responses to First game-related blog post

  1. matthias says:


    I would be interested in playing / beta testing Subbania. Noticed you mention it several times on Hacker News over the past few months and have been waiting for its release.


  2. Eric says:


    I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about how you did line of sight? I’m working in HTMl5 and was interested in doing a per-pixel type of lighting like you did here.


    • fiblye says:

      The shadows aren’t actually per-pixel, but per-tile, so it’s a little less pretty with the benefit of being a little faster. 😉

      I started by determining which sides of a tile are visible to the player. e.g., If the player is to the bottom right of a wall, then the bottom and right side are clearly visible, but the top and left would be hidden. Shadows will be emitted from those two sides. I then calculate the angle of each of the points of these sides to the player, then draw lines going out at that angle starting from each point to the edge of the screen, then fill it as a polygon.

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