Subbania now has an online demo

Click here for an online demo that works best on Chrome or here for a version that works better on Firefox.

Firefox seems finicky for many users depending on their version, so I can’t make any guarantees.

The above is now mostly irrelevant; you can play an online version that should work on Chrome and Firefox here:

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  1. scobot says:

    WOW! Where do I start?! I LOVE your game. I’m so psyched that I’m just going to rattle off some KUDOS as I think of them – so forgive the stream of consciousnesses approach πŸ™‚

    I love your art style. I love the dedication to making something so EPIC (and thank you for sharing the process in your blog! A very fun read for us HTML5 game makers!) I love the pacing of the cut-scenes, very funny! And very witty dialog! Holy crap, that WAS a lot of work! That “wave” effect is fantastic. The character designs are awesome! I totally dig this!

    Things I would LOVE to see you do (for my own selfish reasons!):
    1) PLEASE create a graphic novel/zine out of your story cut-scenes as I would love to have a printed version of this to enjoy! You can create print on demand magazines using magcloud – just upload a pdf and the reader pays to have it printed! I’m too impatient to sit through the scenes in the game but what to see them! lol
    2) I need to read your design doc stuff (thank you for sharing that too!) and but I’d like to see that in a print format too! PLEASE! lol
    3) Stickers of the characters of course!

    Congratulations on uploading to the CHROME web store! No that is NOT easy. I used Construct 2 to create my first HTML5 game: HΓΌpfen and it was a grueling couple of hours trying to figure out why it was taking so long to upload to Chrome! I understand your pain! lol here’s a link to my game (not nearly as epic as yours though):

    I found out about your game while reading up on as they had contacted me about my game. I did not see Subbania on their main game page, but they had a screen shot of it in their blog: and I thought “COOL!!!! What is that?! That is right up my alley!” so I had to investigate more. I am soooooo glad I did.

    Anyway, just wanted to contact you and let you know how much I enjoy your game. Super awesome job!
    Take care!

  2. Saviour-V says:

    Just asking: is the version on JayIsGames bugged in any way?

    Took me a while to figure out how to get past the area SKREECH (that queen tadpole-monster, or whatever you call it) was in.

    As things stand right now, I have heat-resistant armour, 43 AP, 10% firing rate, upgraded DropBombs, and I’ve also slain the Mermaid / Wyrm boss as well. Right now, there’s a second artery monster that’s asking me to clear out my heart.

    In past posts I’ve read, there’s word of a mirror monster, which I have not encountered, and a magnet beam upgrade in one room, blocked by lasers. Any tips about those two places? Or is this bugged far enough that I should restart the game from the beginning?

    Also, is there an upgrade that will help me get past any laser barriers?

    Any help you’ve got will be most appreciated. This is a great game, but I have to admit that for something in shades of black and white, it scares me immensely. ^_^;;

    Oh, and greetings from Malaysia, by the way. Tahniah (congratulations) for making such a great game.

    • fiblye says:

      The game shouldn’t be bugged up. With the upgraded dropbombs, head back in the direction of the mermaid boss, but stop where there’s that complex intersection with lasers and a save point. There’ll be a wall with obvious cracks on it and you can use your upgraded bombs to blow it open. Inside there is the magnet beam and a boss.

      After that, head back towards the direction of the second artery. If you go left and then down from the save point you encounter immediately after the one-eyed fish, you’ll see a hall of paintings. One of them is a warp point. After you beat that boss, return to the save point and head right and up for another boss.

      You should then be able to pass the second artery.

      And thanks for enjoying the game. I’m surprised with how many players I’ve had from outside the US. πŸ™‚

      • Saviour-V says:

        Picked up that magnet beam. A mighty useful upgrade, notably against the boss in that area. Haven’t found the homing shot mentioned in one of the other comments on this blog, but I think I’d better stop and focus on my SAP exam preparations (yes, your game’s that good. ^_^;; ).

        That being said, what exactly was your inspiration for the design of the enemies and bosses in this game? I’ve seen a few YouTube videos of the game, but you still manage to prove that the most horror-inducing visuals can be in shades of black and white, instead of full colour. Well done, by the way.

        For instance, I remember breaking down in nervous laughter when I encountered that slamming mouth creature – I wasn’t quite expecting it at all.

        Also, up until I picked up the magnet beam, I previously thought that all the enemies were organic. At least, until I tried it out on a certain conveniently placed enemy in the same room. Well-played, sir.

        Also, is there any way to murder that one-eyed mouth that makes a second appearance as a normal enemy (this was the one chasing me through a narrow passageway, with two deathtraps en route), or is it completely impervious to all weapons? For some of us, nothing’s more satisfying than laying waste to a seemingly invincible foe. ^_~

        • fiblye says:

          My biggest design inspirations were Yume Nikki, Metroid, and Space Funeral. I’d been playing a lot of Yume Nikki when I first started working on the game and wanted another game that heavily focused on wandering around nightmare-like environments, but I wanted a little action in it as well. A lot of the enemies were things I’d drawn a loooong time ago in an old notebook, and I thought they’d fit perfectly with the style I was going for.

          And yes, it is possible to kill that monster and you’ll encounter it again very soon. πŸ˜‰

  3. Saviour-V says:

    I think I’ve finished it. One of the comments mentioned that I should avoid killing a certain boss, so I think I got the good ending. At least my SAP exam’s still about a couple of weeks away, though.

    Anyway, just what are the final numbers for all upgrades? Also, even after seeing the ending, it seems that you can still leave the final room and explore things a bit – was that intentional?

    Also, it seems like entering the area after SKREECH was a one-way stop. I can’t burn the vines from the right side, so I can’t go back and explore that area with the upgrades I have. Or is there some way of baiting the dragons to burn the vines?

    • fiblye says:

      Just making sure, but you saw the credits roll, right? Because after that point the screen should fade to black and that should be it. If you reopen the game, it’ll let you explore and that’s intentional.

      To get back through that area, you need to use your magnet beam to carry one of those fire-breathing statues and burn up the vines. You can then backtrack some more and find the torpedo upgrade. As for the total number of upgrades, not even I know how many I put in the game. There are probably ~30 life upgrades and ~15 fire rate upgrades hidden inside walls and secret rooms.

      • Saviour-V says:

        There’s no sign of a fire-breathing statue in SKREECH’s room, unless I’m missing something. I’ll check later.

      • Saviour-V says:

        Also, I believe there’s a firepower (I think) upgrade right next to an exit door somewhere, but I couldn’t get to it last time. Are upgrades magnetic, by any chance? If so, I could probably attract it with the magnet beam.

  4. Saviour-V says:

    Found the statue. Only trouble is getting the crabs to fire at the right place to break the rocks just before that particular boss room – more often than not, they break the only rock that blocks the laser. Needless to say, that’s become a real pain in the neck.

    I’ve also found the SuperTorpedo upgrade, but that other upgrade I mentioned? It’s NOT magnetic. This is the one that happens to be in the room with the tortured soul that says that he doesn’t want any help from you. Otherwise affectionately known as the Man-Faced Donkey. ^_^;;

    That particular upgrade (firing rate type, judging by the chevrons) is right next to the exit of that area, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get to it from inside the room. Any ideas?

    • fiblye says:

      I actually put that there just to mess with players. πŸ˜€ There’s no possible way to get it.

      • Alonso says:

        I hate you for that… so much. Also I managed to get the crabs to break the rocks on the roof next to the vines that you have to make the dragons burn… I went outside the stage and got lost… is there anything to the outside world?

        Anyways, it was a great game… I really hope you make a decent amount of money on this so you can make another cool game… or maybe even a Subbania 2. I suspect a kickstarter for this would do pretty well.

        Good luck on all future projects

        • fiblye says:

          I’m actually getting ready to start up work on another game. It won’t be a sequel to Subbania, but it’ll contain a lot of the same themes a hundred years in the future. πŸ˜‰

          Also, there’s nothing in the void around levels. I left it empty instead of surrounding the level with blocks to make the game run a little more efficiently.

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