Best Esports


Electronic sports, popularly termed as Esports, is a thriving industry that encircles multiplayer video games and simulated sports tournaments. The genesis of esports is traced back to South Korea.

The claws of popularity widened with the escalated unemployment rates in 2000, accompanied by the Asian financial crisis. With a multitude of people confined to the walls of their home, video games soon transcended to the status of elixir – a captivating leisure activity to indulge in.


A Peek into History

The year 2010 had witnessed a significant resurgence of this industry with a global embracing facilitated by South Korea. The other significant reasons for this worldwide welcoming was the magnified console sales and the upgraded technology.

This phenomenon engendered worldwide tournaments like Intel Extreme Masters, World Cyber Games, and Major League Gaming. Concurrently, streaming platforms such as Twitch and Steam TV understand the potential it holds to initiate their lucrative business by monetising these tournaments.

A single day of broadcasting The International by Twitch bore testament to 4.5 million viewers. Now this prosperous industry has been espoused by behemoths like ABN, ESPN, and Disney.

The Multi-billion-dollar Industry

Now, the US holds the envied position of being the unrivalled market in the esports industry, with a myriad of tournaments being held. This year has observed the industry at its zenith being valued at $30 billion. This marks the incredible opportunity for the gambler to flutter real money on esports tournaments and events.

With the advent of sportsbooks conferring the charm of esports betting now, bettors can place wagers on every single nitty-gritty from the first goalscorer, future teams to win, and even straight-up bets on individual players.

Popular Esports Games

Be prudent and select the game is your choice, after which you have to indulge in comprehensive research learning the ins and outs before you place real money because this should be a cure and not a cut to your wallet.

Popular Esports Games


A game that has won several accolades developed by EA DICE. This game entails a first-person shooter with its 5th series to be released this year. This engaging gameplay features huge maps, teamwork, and vehicle warfare.

This game has captivated 55 million players since its dawning in 2002; over 141 worldwide tournaments were held solely in 2017, with winnings reaching a massive $230k.


This is a multiplayer game based on survival tactics. This game encapsulates a journey where players must gather weapons and frequently navigate the safe zones on the map while butchering their enemies.

The third most popular game on Twitch with an alluring betting prospect for players with contestants competing for a colossal prize pool of $350,000.



An impressive game that is popular among both gamers and gamblers. This is a first-person shooter game that entails swift and intense thinking, and to master it, you need a fortified game plan.

You have four betting options, including handicaps, outright winners, match winners, and special markets.