Dominating Esports


Esports has been drawing quite a lot of attention for some time now. There are several types of esports that we know of in this domain. With the gradual passage of time, the domain shall only gain more structure and evolve in leaps and bounds. On a similar note, let us now look into all the trends that are dominating this space this year, and try to understand the scope of esports in all its glory.

There Shall be an Insurgence of Mobile Esports:

Mobile esports is seen to be on the rise this year and for good enough reasons. In this day and age, almost every individual has access to mobile phones. And that is the advantage that esports game developers are mining. They are optimizing the games for mobile phones which is providing the industry with a boost. The mobile gaming industry is already an industry that makes a significant amount of profit every year. And with esports entering the territory of mobile gaming, it is only going to prove lucrative to the industry.

Mobile Esports

A Rise in Esports Tourism:

The second trend that we need to talk about in this domain is that of the rise in esports tourism. More and more nations are now understanding and acknowledging the importance of esports. This has led to the sports industry in paying more attention to esports tourism and hosting championships and tournaments all around the globe. This move is also encouraging more people to take join esports as professionals and take this domain more seriously.

Esports Tourism

There is an Increased Interest in Franchising:

Sports franchising is not a new move, but when it comes to esports, the idea is still in its nascent stage. Various American sporting leagues have benefitted largely from this model, and maybe now, it is time for the esports industry to venture into the same. If you need to understand what sports franchising is, here are a few things to note. Franchising in esports helps in raising the revenue for the organizations, and game developers can benefit from this model. There is a lot of money that circulates in the industry because of this model, and that is why this trend is on the rise.

A Few Final Words:

These were the top three trends that we have started witnessing in the esports industry. It shall be wrong to state that the trends started in 2020 and shall dominate only the rest of the year. These trends have only gained momentum this year, and it is safe to assume that they shall go much beyond 2020. The integration of technology with the sports industry, and the innovation of several new technologies shall help the industry to scale itself and gain more traction in the upcoming years.